Crossroads worships together every Sunday at 10am. We gather at Courtenay Elementary School at 4420 N. Beacon Street in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood.

What can I expect when I come to worship?
Expect a worship service with a relaxed approach and a reverent tone. Don’t worry about what to wear – just put some clothes on. If they match, great. If they don’t – God cares about you, not what you’re wearing.

What is Crossroads’ worship style?
Our worship doesn’t fit a defined style. We hope you’ll find our worship joyful in a reverent way. It includes elements of liturgy that Christians have treasured as long as there have been Christians, and we keep it fresh for today. We sing brand new songs and ancient hymns back to back. We read scripture and we take it seriously (what else would you do with God’s word?), and we try to explain it in a way that connects with real life. Above all, we keep the focus on Jesus and his forgiveness.

Crossroads celebrates Holy Communion on the 2nd Sunday of each month