What We Believe

We know who we are… In a world full of people drifting aimlessly, we know who we are: forgiven children of God—not because of us, but because of Jesus. (Search Ephesians 2)

We know where we came from… God’s direct, trustworthy message, the Bible, confirms that we are not highly formed animals developed by chance, but morally accountable human beings created by God. (Search Genesis 1 & 2)

We know why we’re here… Life on earth is a thanksgiving to God the Father, who made us; to God the Son, who saved us; and to God the Holy Spirit, who miraculously changes us. Our purpose here is to love and serve God and one another. (Search I John 4)

We know where we’re going… The Bible tells us that death is not the end, but the beginning—the beginning of a never-ending perfect life with Jesus where pain, tears and death do not exist. (Search Philippians 1)

For a more complete view of our beliefs, please see “What We Believe” on wels.net, the website of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synodverse2.