Holy Communion Devotions – Pandemic Precautions

When possible, Crossroads will be holding Holy Communion devotions at the Ministry Center so that our members and those in our communicant fellowship can “participate in the body and blood of Christ” as we are called to do. Please see the calendar for specific dates. In order to do this while protecting the health of all, the following process will be used.

Holy Communion Devotions
These will be 20-minute spoken devotional services limited to small groups of 10 people at the Ministry Center. To register to attend, please enter your names in this google sheet. Please register by Friday evening for the Saturday devotions and by Sunday night for Monday, so that Pastor Mike can set up appropriately for each session. If there is more need for Saturday sessions, another will be added, so please add yourself to the waiting list if there are already 10 people signed up for the 1 pm devotion. In order to meet health guidelines, our communion practices will follow the practices we have been following the past few months and described in detail below. 

Distance and sanitation will be observed 
All participants will be required to wear masks before entering the Ministry Center, and will continue to wear them except when receiving the sacrament.  Hand sanitizer will be available at the door.  All high-touch surfaces will be sanitized before and after each gathering.  Worship seating will be arranged in such a way as to allow proper distancing.  While we are all eager to shake hands or give a hug, please go immediately to a seat when you enter the MC.  Pastor will greet you, though he will not be shaking hands.  At the conclusion of each service, Pastor will invite one grouping at a time to exit.  If you wish to visit after church, please do so outside the building. When the MC is empty, Pastor will go outside to greet those who remain. When you are outside, please practice social distancing. 

No-Contact Holy Communion
After Pastor has consecrated the elements, individuals or family groups will be invited forward in succession along one side aisle to maintain a proper distance.  When they reach the communion table, each communicant will receive an individual plate with a wafer and an individual cup of wine.  After the distribution, communicants will return to their seats via the other side aisle.  Receptacles will be set up to dispose of plates and cups.   

Pre-registering for Holy Communion
To limit the size of each communion group, one small-group service will be offered  at 1 pm on Saturday and another at 7 pm on Monday.  These sessions will accommodate up to 10 people.  If there is low/no attendance in a session, Pastor Mike may cancel that time; if another service is required to accommodate all our communicants, an additional service may be added on Saturday.   Please sign up on this sheet by Friday night to attend on Saturday, or by Sunday night to attend on Monday evening. If all slots are filled, please add yourself to the waiting list section so that we know to add another session.   

Protect the Health of Others
Those who suspect that they may be ill should not attend these or other gatherings.  Please follow all city and state requirements and recommendations to self-isolate or quarantine if those apply to you, and know that there will be more opportunities to commune in the future. 

Individuals at high risk or feeling sick should strongly consider worshipping from home for now.
Those who are age 65 or older, have chronic lung diseases such as COPD or asthma, serious heart conditions, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, and/or are immune-compromised should seriously consider continuing to worship from home.  Worship will continue to be offered online and Pastor is willing to make private visits.