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Article and Art done by Gary Ramsey:

First, let me say that Pastor Mike’s input was invaluable throughout this process. He sent me several photo examples of ancient Chi-Rho mosaics. I chose this (Pic. 1) as my reference.


I submitted this 1/2 scale drawing (Pic. 2) to Jamie and Pastor Mike (PM) for approval. PM and I discussed the color choices and he expressed again that he wanted an old-world look. He was also the one who noticed that the layout circles I drew only as background gradation references created a Celtic cross with the 5-square Crossroads logo. We agreed that this would be an interesting addition juxtaposed with the Greek lettering.


I then went to my on-line, go-to source for mosaic supplies, Witsend Mosaics. I didn’t understand this name until I attempted my first mosaic. I chose the Cinca unglazed ceramic tile for their aged appearance. As I only had two shades of blue to work with I stained the pieces for the shadow lines a darker blue. (Pic. 3) The beginning of the tile-laying process along with some of the tools of the trade (note: Once again the corkscrew proves to be an invaluable tool in the mosaic craft).


I would also like to thank Sarah for her unbending patience in tolerating this mess in our livingroom for a month. I have now completed the laying of the tile and moved the piece to the kitchen floor for grouting. This is me, on my knees, thanking God that He allowed me to finish the grouting and clean up the kitchen before Sarah got home from work. Had she arrived earlier and seen the kitchen I do believe she might’ve left me. (Pic. 4)


  The finished mosaic at the Ministry Center.