Past Sermons

Guest Preacher Phil Merten

06-04-2017 Acts 1:1-5 “Jesus is Erasing the Boundary between Our World and God’s “

Pastor Mike Borgwardt

05-29-2017 Romans 8:18-28 “Living in Restless Patience”

04-30-2017 “Seeing What’s Right In Front of You”

04-16-2017 Matthew 28:1-10 “He Lives to Silence All My Fears”

04-09-2017 Exodus 12:1-6,14, “Recognize What Time It Is”

03-26-2017 Psalm 121, “Jesus Made This Your Song Too”

03-12-2017 Mark 10:46-52, “It All Begins with Grace”

03-05-2017 Luke 19:1-10, “If  You’re Lost, You Qualify”

02-26-2017 2 Peter 1:16-21, How Do We Know that We’re “Seeing God”

Guest Preacher Phil Merten

02-19-2017 Matthew 5:21-26 “They’re Not Problems, They’re People”


Sermon Series: Seeing God

02-12-2017 Mark 7:24-30 “God Loves Dogs”

Sermon Series: The Good Life

11-20-2016 Matthew 5:10-12 “The Good Life – Blessed are the Persecuted”

10-23-2016 Matthew 5:7 “The Good Life – Mercy Comes from Mercy”

10-16-2016 Matthew 5:6 “The Good Life – Wanting the RIGHT thing”

10-02-2016 Matthew 5:5 “The Good Life – Living in Light of Your Inheritance”

09-25-2016 Matthew 5:1-4 “The Good Life – Learning to Lament”

09-11-2016 Matthew 5:1-12 “Here’s to the Losers: [God] Bless Them All”

Guest Preacher Phil Merten

11-13-2016 Matthew 25:31-40 “Jesus Crosses All Barrier Lines; So Will We”

Guest Preacher James Buske

10-09-2016 Matthew 6:25-34 “Know Where You Land”

Pastor Mike Borgwardt

08-21-2016 Philippians 4:10,”You Can Do Anything Thru Christ…” (now here’s the thing…)

08-07-2016 Luke 6:37-42,”Do Not Judge…” (now here’s the thing…)


Guest Preacher Terry Schultz

07-31-2016 Judges 11:1-11, 28-40 “How Do You Really Relate to God?”

07-24-2016 Judges 4 “Are You Rising to God’s Challenges?”


Series: Christianese: Defining the Language of our Faith

8-02-2015: Christianese Redeemed Part 2

07-26-2015: Christianese Redeemed

07-19-2015: Jesus Says Take a Load off and Never Pick it Up Again

07-12-2015: Defining Love

06-21-2015: Defining Saved

06-14-2015: Defining Faith

06-07-2015: Defining Forgiviness

05-31-2015: Defining God