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Crossroads will pray for the WELS mission in Nigeria and its two sister synods, Christ the King Lutheran Church of Nigeria (CKLCN) and All Saints Lutheran Church of Nigeria (ASLCN). Between both sister synods, there are 57 congregations, 5200 baptized members, and 25 national pastors. They are active in outreach and fellowship through morning Bible studies and various church and youth rallies. 
Missionary Doug Weiser works as a non-resident missionary, visiting Nigeria 3-4 times a year, staying one month at a time. While he is there he administers theological education at both synods’ seminaries. When he is Stateside, he administers the WELS work in Nigeria. He resides in Star, Idaho with his wife Hollie and is currently transitioning to retirement.
Please pray for both of our sister synods in Nigeria as they continue to work towards self support and for their 21 faithful students in their seminaries. Please pray that the WELS Africa Committee be guided in calling the new missionary who God has in mind for Nigeria. 

 This month Crossroads is praying for Living Word Lutheran Church and Preschool, a mission church in Montrose, CO.  Montrose is a city of 20,000 on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. Living Word has 125 members, and is serving 30 non-member families through its preschool!  Pastor Matt Frey and his wife, Jessica, recently encouraged a young family from the preschool and the 5 family members, parents and 3 children, were baptized at Living Word!

Please pray for the lost souls in Montrose that they may hear the Word of God and come to know their Savior.  Please also pray for the Frey family and their 3 children in the public schools that they may be a light shining on their Savior for those around them.